About us


 Welcome to OilMalva!

Our family lives in the historical Laconia, southern of Sparta in the land of Monemvasia a land with the many Byzantine monuments of exceptional beauty, and has a long tradition in the production of olive oil since 1970. The growing of olive tree is a way of life for us.

The microclimate of the mountains of Parnonas and Taygetos in combination with the "golden" soil of Lakonia and centuries of experience in the production of olive oil offers one of the best olive oils in the world!

So with Respect for Greek nutritional tradition and dedication to the fruit of the olive tree, we decided in 2018 to create OilMalva olive oil, in order to offer the final consumer one of the finest Greek extra virgin olive oils.

Our dream is to produce products of unsurpassed quality, always following the strictest international safety and hygiene rules.

OilMalva EVOO is produced from olives of Koroneiki and athenoelia variety, from our own olive groves and it is distinguished for its aroma, vivid green color, rich flavor, superior quality characteristics, and low acidity.
The extra virgin olive oil we produce is consumed by us, a part of it is used for the production of other olive oil products and the rest we have the vision to share it with you! Welcome to our family and enjoy the fruits of "golden" soil of South Laconia.

The Founder