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Mainly mindful of the consumer’s eating habits, OILMALVA aims to ensure ongoing quality assurance and certification with an integrated system of controls at all levels. Our aim is to meet every possible demand for quality olive oil – and not only – in different countries.

To achieve this demanding goal, we apply the strictest quality and safety regulations, with our corresponding certifications such as HACCP.

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Our extra premium olive oil created, in order to offer one of the finest Greek extra virgin olive oils.

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Mainly mindful of the consumer’s eating habits, OILMALVA aims to ensure continuous quality assurance with a multi-level control system.

HACCP Certified

Produced on the standardization unit has been certified and operated in accordance with the HACCP standard, ensuring the consumer has a product of excellent quality and nutritional value.

the history of the olive

The history of the olive tree dates back to years before the organized life of man on earth. This is deduced from various sources.

De Candole, in the study of Origin des plantes cultivees, states that olive cultivation was known 4000 BC. and that the tree originates from the coasts of Asia Minor based on the existence of spontaneous vegetation of wild olive, as well as in the writings of ancient writers and excavation finds.

Anagnostopoulos (1951) claimed, based on the findings of the excavations in Knossos, that the home of the olive is Crete. This is also supported by the fact that the name of the olive is Greek and has been preserved in all languages.

Today around the globe there are about 800 million olive trees, of which about 95% are grown in the Mediterranean basin, which has excellent soil and climate conditions for the development of the olive tree. In Greece, the olive is a very large-scale cultivation.

The spread of olive cultivation is greater than any other species of fruit tree and occupies an area that accounts for about 15% of the cultivated agricultural land and 75% of the area of ​​the tree crops.

Olive oil or “golden liquid,” according to Homer, in antiquity was not just a food but was a symbol of health and strength, medicine, as well as a source of magic and admiration.

Olive fossils have been found in Livorno, Italy, dating 20 million years ago, while olive cultivation is estimated to have started in the wider Mediterranean region about 7,000 years ago.

The cultivation of olive oil is lost in the depths of the ages. As for Greece, the first testimonies for its cultivation in Greece, according to archaeological finds, began in Crete 3,500 years ago.


The extraordinary olive oil is characterized as a unique product and this is due to the presence of certain organoleptic characteristics.

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